Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today is...

... my first blogaversary! *throws confetti* In honor of the occasion, a new post. {haha}

And yesterday was my first Etsyversary! Keeping shop has been a great experience and lots of fun! Right now my Etsy shop is on vacation. That's right. The shop is on vacation, not me. I had my "vacation" last week while being laid up with a cold. Not very fun, huh.
Last week my Mom and I painted my bedroom, which also doubles as my craft room, so beloved papers, embellishments, and folders are packed. BUT, I'm planning for a grand re-opening with fabulous new folders and greeting cards!

To celebrate these "versaries" I'll be giving away something as soon as the craft room is back in swing. So be watching for it! ;-)

It's almost time for me to enjoy the strawberry shortcake I made earlier. A favorite summer dessert at my house! :-)

Have a happy week!



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