Monday, August 11, 2008

The New Look!

"Hmm... this blog needs a new banner" I mused staring at the computer screen.
So, I decided to make a new one using my all-time favorite program, Adobe Photoshop. When I thought it was 'just right,' I uploaded it. "Hmmm..." again. The new banner wouldn't completely cover the header box underneath it, thus two lines were visible on one side. (Which didn't look very nice!) Problems can (sometimes) be solved much faster (and even be... fun!) when a friend helps, so my good friend, Lindsey, got on board and we worked on it together. While browsing through Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates (and they are fabulous!), I decided to change the whole template. And they had just the one - Purple Stripes! (Which can be found with this set.) Lindsey kindly installed it for me and helped with the few glitches that were encountered in the process. Thanks SO much, Linz! kenyit Your help was very much appreciated!

Life has been super busy these past few weeks so I haven't been able to list anything new in the shop, but there will be new stuff coming soon!

Have a great week!

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